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  • What is water marbling?
    Water marbling is an ancient art form steeped in mystery that has been modernized and simplified. Paint floats on a water mixture called "size" and designs are made using different tools till the desired look is achieved. The design is then transferred onto either paper, fabric or wood to perminently capture it.
  • Are the paints or process toxic?
    The paints and items used in the process are not toxic however I do supply gloves to those that would like to make an art piece. This makes clean up easier also some may be sensitive to the ingredients in the process.
  • Do I have to be an artist to do water marbling?
    No! The great thing about this art form is that ANYONE of any age or skill set can make a beautiful one of a kind work of art. It is very theraputic and a great stress reliever.
  • How long does it take to make a piece?
    It should take roughly 10 minutes once you start dropping the paint on the water. I would schedule from 15-30 minutes from beginning to end (it depends on how fast you are at picking out your paint colors).
  • I made a scarf and you sent me home with it in a bag. What do I do now?
    When you get home or back to your hotel room, gently remove the scarf from the bag and place it in a bowl of water. If you would like you can add a small amount of fabric softener (like Dreft or Downy to the water (this is optional). Let it sit in the water for for 1-3 minutes if fabric softener was added let sit for 1 hour. The water is to help unfold the scarf not wash it! Gently unfold and swish the scarf in the water a couple times and pull straight out and hang it up. DO NOT twist, wring or squeeze it out as the paint is still maliable. I recommend hanging it from a skirt hanger with clips in your shower in the bathroom until dry. KEEP IT OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT WHILE DRYING!!! Once dry, if you are at a hotel and will be leaving before the next 48 hours gently fold it, put it in a zip lock bag and puff a little air into the bag to create a cushion. Iron the back side of the scarf on HOT (you can use the lowest cotton setting) to heat set the colors and create a silky smooth finish. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP as ironing is what makes it possible to take it out in the sun light, be washable and to prevent fading.
  • How do I care for my ready-to-wear scarf?
    I recommend hand washing in cold water. If necessary add a small amount of woolite or baby shampoo. Line dry and if needed low iron or cool stream. DO NOT DRY CLEAN.
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