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Shipping & Return Policy

Shipping Policy

When purchasing a ready made one of a kind water marbled silk scarf we will need roughly 1 week to get it ready for shipping.  If the scarf is not in stock and needs to be made please allow 2 weeks for shipping. All other water marbled products will require a 1 week to get ready for shipping (except for gift certificates and deposits for Private Parties or Corporate Events).

We can ship world wide!  Shipping rates vary and are an additional cost.  

Return & Exchange Policy

Since our items are one of a kind originals we do not accept returns or exchanges.  When you are scheduling a party or corporate event and if for any reason you need to cancel your event more than 21 days before we will issue a full refund.  If you cancel within 3 weeks of your event you will sacrifice your deposit or you can reschedule for another date.  If we need to cancel your event for any reason at any time we will give a full refund of what has been paid of your bill up to that point.

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